Director  - Tim Knight

Born in Northallerton in 1959, Tim was a chorister at York Minster under Dr Francis Jackson, this excellent grounding in choral music together with his dynamic and enthusiastic approach has led him to directing positions with a range of Northern choirs over the last 25 years.

As well as being an award winning composer, he is Music and festivals office for the National association of choirs and Principal of the Yorkshire college of music and Drama in Leeds.

Principal Accompanist - Dr Chris Newton 

Born in Manchester,Chris is well known to Yorkshire Audiences as a recitalist of style and  a mine of rare repertoire, he is one of the team of Organists at St Bartholomews's in Armley and a regular accompanist with various choirs on their Cathedral visits


Assistant Accompanist - Matthew Lazenby 

Matthew is accompanist to Horsforth Choral society in Leeds as well as the Director of Music at St Martins Potternewton in Leeds, currently studying music at Leeds University